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There are many reasons why a person might want to permanently tattoo their makeup on. Likewise, sufferers of current or previous medical conditions may also find tattooing beneficial to their confidence and self-esteem. Whatever your reasons for seeking permanent makeup, micro pigmentation, or medical tattooing, Linda “Lady Fish” is here to help.

Lady Fish has owned and operated Always Perfect Permanent Makeup for more than 30 years and in that time, she’s helped men and women of all ages and conditions rediscover their confidence and beauty. From breast cancer patients toParkinson’s sufferers, people with vision problems to those that just have naturally shaky hands, we’re willing to help anyone!

Permanent Makeup is different than Microblading or Microshading.

Permanent makeup lasts long, usually over 4 years. Even when it fades is a blessing because becomes lighter and the client may change hair color so can match new styles. For all eyebrow and eyeliner procedures, she includes a touchup 4-6 weeks after completion.

Rosemary after permanent makeup 1999.

Rosemary 2020s

Permanent Cosmetics

Many people are familiar with the concept of permanent eyebrows in St. Lucie County, FL, but did you know tattoo makeup goes far beyond just eyebrows? At Always Perfect Permanent Makeup, we offer a wide range of permanent tattoo services, including:

Permanent eyebrows

Permanent eyeliner

Full lips and permanent lip liner

Our permanent eyebrow tattoos and similar applications can solve many issues for women who have a hard time achieving the look they desire. We’ve given tattoo eyebrows in St. Lucie County, FL to women in their 80s and 90s while giving young women the lasting eyeliner they demand. No matter who you are, we’re ready to help you “wake up with makeup” in a way that looks just as good as your natural eyebrows and lips.

The Difference Between Permanent Makeup and Microblading

Microblading & microshading is semi permanent and needs to be reapplied more often within months. It is for clients that aren’t sure if they want the lasting effect of permanent makeup. Permanent make-up with soften in color over rears and the can be spruced up with the aging process to counter re-act the aging with change in color and a slight lifting. Like a face lift..

Permanent makeup offers several advantages over microblading and microshading

Permanent makeup last years

Permanent makeup can be changes over time to match your hair color

Permanent makeup is more affordable

Micro procedures fade over few months and you have to keep going back again and again

Medical Tattooing

As a certified medical tattooing professional, Lady Fish is honored to help people battling medical conditions. We offer a number of special medical tattooing procedures, designed to help restore a person’s confidence, appearance and sense of self—even after these things have been affected by sickness. Our services include:

Hair simulation

For those with alopecia or who have had issues with permanent hair loss due to scarring, we offer hair simulation tattooing to fill in the gaps and give you a more natural appearance.

Scar camouflage and microneedling

We can restore pigment to scars to make them less noticeable. Our camouflage is specially blended to your natural skin color for best results.

3-D areola tattooing

Lady Fish is a pioneer in dimensional nipple tattooing for breast cancer patients. She’s tattooed for men and women alike, to restore confidence after a mastectomy or double mastectomy.

We take pride in being able to help patients reclaim their confidence. For more information about Lady Fish and her pioneering work in permanent makeup and medical tattooing, please contact

Always Perfect Permanent Makeup today at 772-466-2769