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If you know anything about tattoos, you already know a bit about permanent makeup! When looking into getting your own done, you’ll want to find an experienced professional with a reputation for being unparalleled in their expertise. If you live in or around Port St. Lucie, FL, you can’t do better than our permanent makeup clinic.

Permanent Makeup and Microblading Services

While permanent makeup has been around for some time, it’s still something many people don’t consider helping look their best and let them achieve the perfect look. You can select different services, including:

  • Permanent eyebrows
  • Permanent eyeshadow
  • Permanent eyeliner

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Permanent lip liner and full lips

Both permanent makeup and microblading are exceptional options for anyone looking to enhance their daily appearance. These options allow you to wake up every day knowing that you already look stunning without spending much time in front of the mirror.

At Always Perfect Permanent Makeup, we specialize in lip enhancement procedures that can transform your lips from thin or nonexistent to full and vibrant. As we age, our lips can lose volume and definition, but Linda can help you achieve a natural-looking and unique lip shape that complements your facial features.

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Many women struggle to love their eyebrows. As makeup trends come and go, eyebrows can thin out or just stop growing. This can also be the case for anyone who’s undergone chemotherapy, radiation, or other medical intervention where hair loss may be a side effect.
When you give your eyebrows a boost with permanent makeup, make sure you have an idea of what you’d like them to look like. Know the shape, color, and fullness level, and talk with your professional about your needs. Then, between your input and their expertise, you’ll love having perfect eyebrows every single day!


Lip color is one of the most popular cosmetic choices people make to wear daily, but it isn’t always convenient. Liquid lipstick dries the lips out, it can transfer everywhere, and lip gloss can be sticky. Permanent makeup for lips might be the perfect answer for you.
Another problem that everyone experiences with their lips is wrinkling and thinning. As we age, we can see much of that process in our lips. You can give your lips a new color, fullness, and life when you decide to go with permanent coloring lip liner or full lips.


Adding definition to your lash line with permanent eyeliner can enhance your overall eye look – even if you don’t wear any other makeup! So, if you’ve lost your lashes, struggle to apply eyeliner, or are just tired of chasing the perfect wing, this permanent option would be ideal for you.

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Permanent eyeliner is also great for anyone with compromised or diminished vision. Applying good eyeliner takes precision and skill. If you have low vision or other sight problems, you can still love your eyes with permanent eyeliner.


How long does permanent makeup last?

As a general guide, people can expect their permanent makeup to last between three to five years. Many different factors can impact the length their makeup will last including:

  • The kind of shade used for the makeup
  • Sun exposure
  • Skincare
  • The good news is that when you see your makeup fade to the point you’d like a touch-up, you can schedule a touch-up appointment!

What is permanent makeup vs. microblading?

The main difference between permanent makeup and microblading is that one lasts on the skin much longer than the other. So, let’s take a closer look at each option:


This option gives people a semi-permanent, natural eyebrow look. The technique used in microblading provides the pro with applying the makeup with enough control to mimic the stroke-like hairs of natural eyebrows.

Different tools are used with microblading. The tool used with this type of application has a small blade with even smaller needles to get a realistic, natural stroke. This tool is dunked into ink and then gently pushed into the top two layers of the client’s skin.
Microblading gives your professional exceptional control and precision. The only drawback is that this option is semi-permanent. So, you’ll have to maintain your microbladed brows to maintain your look.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup does more than giving people more time to get ready before leaving the house for the day. While saving time by not having to put on makeup is excellent, it offers something more to those who want and need it.
Aging changes can be a difficult process for many people. Permanent makeup can help you to have more eye definition, full, colorful lips, and better, fuller brows.

People who have undergone illness or surgery can also benefit from permanent makeup, especially if they’ve lost their hair. Women who’ve undergone changes in their breasts can undergo medical tattooing of the areola. This can sometimes be covered by insurance, so be sure to ask your professional.

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