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Linda Ladyfish

Linda “Lady Fish” Frank, owner and operator of Always Perfect, has been helping women look great and feel better about themselves since 1979 (17 of those years at my last location in Port St. Lucie), and the difference between her work and other services is that Linda is truly an artist.

Linda has many talents including being an oil, acrylic & airbrushing including portrait artist. Linda is an experienced tattoo artist and a pioneer in the tattoo permanent makeup & medical industry.

She is an award winning artist whose work has been recognized in multiple magazines over the years. She has also been featured in a number of news stories for her amazing work. Linda is a lifetime member of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and is also in the History of Tattooing at the Paul Rodgers Tattoo Research Center.

Linda “Lady Fish” was a pioneer when she combined her many years of experience and ultimate mix of artistry to open the first Permanent Make-Up location in St. Lucie County. Now the tradition continues through her work and her son Daneal.

Her family has 4 generations of tattoo artists.

Grandfather – 1900s


Linda & Tattoo Danny (Ex-Husband)- 1979

Son – 2000 (Portrait of Daneal by Linda)

In 1991 she moved out of a traditional tattoo shop and into a woman-friendly boutique. It’s a 100 year old historic house that she has made new again

Lady Fish or her art has been featured on Travel Channel

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The Montel Show     Outlaw Biker
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Sally Jesse Raphael Show

“I’ve lived it myself, so I understand what these women go through every day. Permanent makeup can transform the person and give them their beauty again. It makes them feel good about themselves, and I can feel their confidence growing from within.”



Permanent Makeup is a process where pigment is introduced into the dermal layer of skin, permanently. It is a safe and sanitary procedure which is administered in an environment that adheres to strict sanitary guidelines. I am fully licensed and board of health approved. I offer no other services in my studio so that your permanent makeup is applied in a comfortable environment without distractions or contamination from other services.

I have also built a solid foundation by applying literally thousands of procedures, working with both men and women, young and old. I have worked with breast cancer patients, Parkinson’s patients, and people with vision problems, or shaky hands. I have even done extensive work camouflaging scars.

Eloise at 94 years old

When investigating the process of permanent makeup, it’s important to shop for quality and experience, not for discounts and coupons. I have been doing permanent makeup since 1979, with 17 years at my last location in Port St. Lucie. At Always Perfect, procedures are kept very affordable so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this life-enhancing process.

In addition, I keep records on every one of my clients and offer special spruce-up discounts for previous customers.

Over the many years I have been doing this work, I have developed a very personal and exacting approach that works very individually with each client. My approach to eyeliner is a good example of the artisitc way I approach each cusomer’s permanent makeup creation.

I taper my eyeliner (thin to thicker) so that it lifts the outer part of the eye counteracting the tendancy of the to sag that occurs due to the aging process.

That is why I call it a no-surgical face lift.

I can also help women who have had breast cancer by recreating the areola after reconstructive surgery.

She has done over 30,000 procedures.

She serves all nationalities and has visitors from all over the world that fly in to see her.

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